Facebook Page vs. Website

“Do I still need a website if I have a Facebook page for my business?"

Some businesses use a Facebook page as a stand-in for a company website.
Knowing the differences between the two is important to your success.

Facebook Page


Limited Flexibility - you can upload a logo & photos,
but you can’t change the Blue & Grey.

Co-Branded - Can’t get rid of “Facebook” logo.

Advertisements - these appear on the side of your page - possibly featuring your competitors!

No Control - If a negative comment or review shows up, it’s there for everyone to see.

Timeliness - there’s no hiding the fact that your last post was 2 months ago. Even posts from a week ago can feel old to visitors.

Not everyone is on Facebook - 1 out of every 3 people are not on social media - and many people specifically avoid it, and refuse to click on Facebook results in their Google searches.

Facebook vs. Google - Did you know Facebook is one of Google’s biggest competitors? Google doesn’t tend to favor their competitors in search results…
what does that mean for your page’s visibility in search engines like Google?

Terms & Conditions - Every social media site has their own rules about what you can and cannot post, including promotions and specials.

No Ownership - You are at complete mercy of the corporate executives at Facebook. If your page gets shut down for a reason that’s not your fault, you
can’t do anything about it.

Analytics - Stats and reporting tools are limited to what the site offers, leaving you in the dark about analytics.
Beautiful Site Designs - Specifically designed for your small business.

Branded Just for You - A website is specifically designed for YOUR business including your own custom domain name.

Ad-Free - Your website is all about you and not the competition.

You're the Boss - Control when, where and what you want your customers to see.

Keep Content Fresh - Easily add new content whenever you want without previous content appearing old or “out-dated”.

Expand Your Reach - A website enables you to reach internet users across the globe no matter what their social media preferences are.

Search Engine Optimized - Let your website rise to the top of local search results on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Make Your Own Rules - Don’t let someone else determine how you run your own business!

You Own It - With your own website you are never at the mercy of someone else’s business decisions.

Useful Stats - Access detailed traffic stats to learn about your site visitors and their behavior, so you can make smart business decisions.

The Bottom Line:

Social media is NOT a substitution for a website but can be a valuable extension of your brand and a helpful component of your marketing strategy. While a Facebook Page can be beneficial, your website is where customers will go first for accurate, trustworthy information about your business.